An Appeal, and a Pledge for Quadruple Matching Funds

A Letter to Narco News Readers from Chris Fee

June 7, 2004

Dear Narco News Readers,

I am writing this letter in the hope you will support The Fund for Authentic Journalism, a nonprofit corporation helping to support Narco News a tri-lingual online newspaper, and its School of Authentic Journalism.

I have been reading Narco News for three years, and have found their reporting to be the most accurate "on the drug war and democracy from Latin America". For the last four years Narco News has relied solely on the dedication of its journalists - accepting no advertising or subscriptions. In 2004, they received a grant from the Tides Foundation, allowing them to continue their reporting and training of journalists. Recently, I might add, I attended the Southern California Chapter of the ACLU's Upton Sinclair Awards Banquet, and the Narco News Benefit where I met Mr. Andrew Grice, founder and director of The Fund for Authentic Journalism, and Al Giordano, publisher of Narco News, along with some of their journalism school teachers and graduates. I have nothing but high praise for these two men, and the men and women who work along side them. Their dedication and integrity goes far beyond the call of duty. They are making incredible personal sacrifices to help bring about better news reporting for the whole of North and South America.

Currently, I am trying to help raise some of the $6000 needed to help a number of the scholarship recipients attend this year's School of Authentic Journalism in Bolivia. If you wish to contribute your donation will be matched by the Tides Foundation, plus I will also match up to $500 in contributions, so your donation will in effect be quadrupled. For example, a $100 donation will be matched with $100 of my own, and since Tides will then match both contributions, every $100 will in turn become $400; helping the new journalism students get even closer to attending this year's Journalism School.

I wish to thank you for your time and patience in reading this letter, and hope you will seriously consider contributing.


Chris Fee

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