“Coming Together from the Poor South
and the Wealthy North”

A Letter to Readers from Greg Berger in Mexico

June 14, 2004

Dear Friends,

I need your help. I am referring to a project that will help change the way independent journalists provide information from Latin America. My personal involvement in this project will also broaden and enrich my film-making and video journalism, hopefully to the benefit of my international audience.

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For over four years, Narco News has brought brave and insightful reporting from throughout the Americas to readers across the globe, in three languages. Originally conceived as a journalistic watchdog to the ill conceived, U.S. sponsored “War on Drugs” in Latin America, Narco News has since become a key source of firsthand reporting from progressive popular movements in Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, and beyond. Many of these legitimate social movements have since been unjustly demonized in the U.S.’s “War On Terror.”

Last year, Narco News hosted its first international School of Authentic Journalism in Mexico. By providing full scholarships to its students, the publishers of Narco News were able to bring together students from the poor South and the wealthy North of the American continent - quite an incredible feat in a region whose economic disparities often prevent journalists and activists from collaborating together. The result has been quite astounding: a true cross-pollenization of voices and perspectives. Students from Brazil, Argentina, the U.S., Venezuela, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia and Canada are now working together in video, radio, and internet-based journalism. Many of them contribute to Narco News; others have founded their own projects.

On the basis of my ongoing “Dispatches From Rebel Mexico Video Journalism Tour,” this year I was granted a scholarship to the School of Authentic Journalism in Bolivia. Unfortunately, the quite costly travel expenses to Cochabamba, where the school will be held, are not covered by the scholarship. However, by making a donation directly to The Fund for Authentic Journalism (501c3 tax deductible status pending), you can not only help pay for my travel expenses, you can also help pay for the expenses of the 37 other students who will be attending this dynamic program in August.

My goal is to raise $2000 in seven days. On June 21st all funds must be in. Any donation is appreciated; the larger the donation, the more funds will be earmarked for additional scholars. To support the school, click on:

You can also donate by check, although because all funds must be in by June 21st, donating online is preferred.

The mailing address is:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism P.O. Box 71051 Madison Heights, MI 48071 USA [Please include my name in the Memo section of the check.]

and check out:


..to see examples of the kind of reporting coming from the alumni of the school. If you choose to contribute, please send me an email letting me know how much (for accounting purposes.)

Thanks, and hope to see you soon,

Greg Berger

(Publisher’s Note: Greg Berger is also the director of Gringothon, a 17-minute politically humorous film currently making noise and gaining accolades at international film festivals.)

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